A Lifetime of Success

Students who aspire to honor God as Creator and Savior

While Adventist teachers and staff live for that teachable moment, they teach for eternity. They are adamant about infusing their students with state-of-the-art knowledge but are more passionate about helping them pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through daily worships and Bible classes, weekly assemblies, multiple weeks of prayer, along with special cultural and healthy living programs, students have multiple opportunities to develop that relationship. While it's always a choice as well as an on-going process, students and parents appreciate the focus on God as their Creator and Savior. It makes a difference.

Students who are better prepared for higher education

Students who graduate from Adventist schools at all levels can count on their education being worth the investment. With high standards and a rigorous curriculum as the norm in their education, graduates find themselves well prepared for the next step in life, wherever it takes them. Teachers are passionate about challenging their students to strive for excellence while doing their best to achieve balance in their lives. Most seniors graduate with the intent to go further in their education, many earning thousands of dollars in scholarships for academics and leadership.

Students who are prepared for a life of service

Students attending Adventists high schools will dedicate up to 25 hours a year in community service activities as individuals and in groups. Many schools schedule regular community service days during the school year and offer opportunities to participate in mission trips locally and abroad. Ask any student who has been involved in service and mission projects and they will tell you how the experience changed their life, opened their eyes to the beauty of serving others.

Our Christian education is precious to us because it is the base of our entire lives—lives that may someday affect cities, states, or even nations. We are young people now. What will we become? It depends on our mold, and our school is one of the major molders of our lives.

Student, Greater Boston Academy

"Through Christian education, I have come to know Christ Himself. By learning the alphabet in a Christian atmosphere, I learned to spell His name. By learning to read in a Christian atmosphere, I learned to read His Word. And now, learning about greater academic dimensions in a Christian atmosphere, I am beginning to understand Christ's love, going from being an intradimensional creature to a mere human so I could have the opportunity for eternal life."

Student, Thunderbird Adventist Academy