School Safety

School Safety course on the Adventist Learning Community (ALC)

Adventist Risk Management (ARM) resources on school safety

Adventist Risk Management (ARM) Active Shooter Safety Kit

Adventist Risk Management (ARM) Safety Checklist

Professional Standards

Leadership Standards

Teacher Standards

Accreditation Instrument

Standards for Accreditation

Accreditation Forms for Schools

Annual Progress Report Form

Continuous Improvement Sample

Continuous Improvement Template

Instructions for Continuous School Improvement Plan Development

Instructions for Progress Reports

School Accreditation Status Visit Extension Protocol

School Accreditation Status Visit Extension Form

School Profile Summary Report

Surveys (Complete Set)

Accreditation Forms for Visiting Committees

Chairperson’s Tip Sheets (#1-12)

Member Roster Sample

Member Preference Request

Sample Interim Visit Report Form

Sample Revisit Form

Sample Visiting Committee Report

Visiting Committee Handbook

Other Accreditation Forms

Academy Accreditation Forecast

Accreditation and Candidacy Status

Senior Academy Forms

Application - Senior Academy Status

Application - Substantial Change in Program

School-sponsored Trips

Out-Of-Division Trips Registration on

Groups from Seventh-day Adventist church and educational institutions who are planning a short-term trip (60 days or less, including travel) are asked to register with NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries (OVM) before their trip. This can be done through an online process outlined at the link above. For questions, contact Pearly David at the Office of Volunteer Ministries at 443-391-7114.

Out-Of-Division Trips Policy

Other Documents, Forms, Letters

Adventist School Pay
Program Information

Adventist School Pay
US Enrollment Form

Adventist School Pay
Canadian Enrollment Form

ABIDE: A Spiritual Master Plan Guide for Seventh-day Adventist Schools

Academy Sustainability Profile and Health Visit

Accounting Manual with Academy Supplement

Committee Expense Voucher

Education Taskforce Final Report on Advancing Adventist Education—2016

Distance Learning Providers Guidelines for Schools

Encounter Overview Booklet

Encounter Access Training Fact Sheet

Higher Ed. Data Collection Form

Interschool Sports Rationale

Official Records: Teacher and Student

Overview of Financial and
School Management Software

Pastors and Church Schools
(An ALC course for pastors)

Policies & Guidelines for
Reporting Child Abuse

Position on Accounting and
School Management Software

Recommendations to Educators for Strengthening Adventist Education

Sample K-8 Constitution

Sample Nondiscrimination Statement

Griggs International Academy

Accredited Programs for Learning Environments (APLE) Packet

Services to North American Division Adventist Schools

Philanthropic Service for Institutions

Overview of PSI’s Services

PSI Success Stories Video

Services Provided for Adventist Education

Fundraising: An Adventist Essential