Award Procedures

Process for selecting students:


  1. Identified/nominated by staff members, pastors/campus chaplains, student leaders, or outreach coordinator.
  2. Final selection to be made by the entire faculty or a committee which includes the principal, Bible teacher(s), witnessing coordinator, guidance counselor or dean, and one or two students who exemplify the mission of the award.


Download nomination form.


The student selection process should consider the following:


  1. Full-time juniors and seniors
  2. Strong citizenship record
  3. Significant and varied participation in witnessing-service activities, both on and off-campus, as well as mission trips
  4. Overall positive example on campus


The North American Division Office of Education will provide one “Caring Heart Award” to each accredited NAD senior academy that has selected an eligible candidate. The student award will consist of a scholarship certificate with a value of $500. NADOE and the funding partner favor as first priority, the recipient using the scholarship to participate in a mission service activity inside or outside the country, or be used for tuition assistance at the Adventist school of their choice. Caring Heart Awards are non-transferable.


Award Ceremony

It is requested that the school present the “Caring Heart Award” for Christian service at the same time as other scholarships and awards during the school graduation services. The award should be made by the principal, campus chaplain, or witnessing-outreach coordinator, along with a reflection of these aspects of the student’s education. In addition to the scholarship certificates, an award plaque will be given each recipient.

Honoring Excellence in Christian Education

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