Student Information Systems

In recent years, discussions surrounding a national data roll-up have been actively carried out at the Union and Division level. In late 2012, Union educational directors met to consolidate a plan to finalize steps needed to make the data roll-up initiative operational.

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Small School Minder

a complete student information system housing all vital student, family, and faculty data. School Minder is a highly-intuitive private school administration software program. representing a complete solution for your small school’s office.

Visit for SSM information, tutorials, step-by-step processes to fix a variety of issues and more.

Renweb and iNow

NAD has approved three Student Information System (SIS) vendors: Small School Minder (SSM), InformationNOW, and Renweb. Vendors of these three SIS have programmed their software to interact directly with NAD's Data Rollup.

Renweb and iNow guides are available on the Adventist Education Toolkit.

Support Resources

The NAD has set up special advisory groups to help with the transitioning and support for inow and Small School Minder. The members are listed below.

Information Now Advisory Group
  • Nancy Kim, Coordinator
  • Martha Ban
  • Jerrell Gilkeson
  • Dorene Hackett
  • Florence Lacey
  • Rudy Scott
  • Phil Wilhelm
SSM Advisory Group
  • Martha Ban, Coordinator
  • John Kriegelstein
  • Archie Harris
  • Allayne Martsching
  • Stacy Gusky
  • Annette Park