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  1. 10 Reasons Adventist Schools Work
  2. Church Bulletins
  3. CognitiveGenesis Promotional Materials
  4. Customizable CognitiveGenesis Postcards
  5. Founders & Fundamental Beliefs Posters
  6. Journey to Excellence Brochures
  7. Journey to Excellence Posters
  8. Customizable Journey to Excellence Brochures

10 Reasons Adventist Schools Work

The following flyer is excellent to use when marketing your school to the community and school constituency. Spread the word of why Adventist Education works!

Church Bulletins

The following church bulletins and bulletin inserts are ready to print and coordinate with your church's next education-focused service or event.

CognitiveGenesis Promotional Materials

The CognitiveGenesis results are in: Adventist school students in the U.S. and Bermuda score half a grade level higher than their predicted ability in all subjects. Plus, the more years they attend, the more their average achievement jumps compared to the national norm.

Ordering in Canada. Please contact the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Office of Education at 905-433-0011 for ordering details. You can download Canadian versions of the brochures, posters, and postcards by clicking on the links marked ‘Canada’ below.

Customizable CognitiveGenesis Postcards

Reach out to your community and spread the good news about Adventist Education-order your customizable CognitiveGenesis postcards today.

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    Customizable CognitiveGenesis Postcards

    Follow these three simple steps to order:

    1. Contact GUILDHOUSE Group via email or phone 509-529-4001 with the following information:
      1. School name & contact information
      2. Subtitle and description of event
      3. Bulleted items or additional information
      4. Your school's phone number & web address
      5. Mailing Address
    2. Review your press-ready file
    3. Print your postcards. GUILDHOUSE will provide you with a press-ready PDF file for printing. There are many online print resources with options for purchasing mailing lists to target families in your community or you may contact your local printer.

Founders & Fundamental Beliefs Posters

New Adventist Founders and Fundamental Beliefs posters are available—order yours for the classroom today.

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    Founders Posters

    Five newly-designed 11 x 17 inch posters are available for online purchase. Read about five influencial Adventist Pioneers and their impact on the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Each poster has a historical timeline for reference.

    Set includes all five 11 x 17 inch posters.

    Order Now
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    Large Fundamental Beliefs Poster

    This 2 x 3 foot poster presents the 28 Fundamental Beliefs in terms that children can easily understand.

    Large 2 x 3 foot poster looks great on classroom walls.

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Journey to Excellence Brochures

On the path to the future, there are no shortcuts. No investment is too large, no sacrifice too great. This booklet outlines how Adventist education offers young people tools to survive and succeed on their Journey to Excellence.

Journey to Excellence Posters

Share the good news about Adventist Education — order or download the posters below.

Posters are available for online ordering through You can download the posters below to see the images and content in more detail.

Customizable Journey to Excellence Brochures

The following brochures are customizable to meet your needs for spreading the word about Adventist Education.

Native design files are available on our FTP site for your access. Access those files by clicking here.