Policies and Guidelines for Reporting Child Abuse

State-by-State Child Abuse Reporting

Whenever and wherever possible, measures must be taken to reduce the impact and instance of child abuse. One such measure is making sure that any abusive event is properly reported.

Click on any of the following links to access your state’s child abuse reporting forms.

Interschool Sports Policy

Adventist schools that participate in an interscholastic athletic program shall have a written sports plan that will be reviewed and approved annually by the faculty and school board. The scriptures remind us, “Whatever you are doing, put your whole heart into it, as if you were doing it for the Lord and not for men, knowing that there is a Master who will give you your heritage as a reward for your service”—(Col 3:23, NEB).

The plan will ensure that:

  1. The opportunity for developing student’s character and physical giftedness through athletics is aligned with the school’s mission.
  2. The goals of the athletic program are integral to achieving student learning standards.
  3. The allocation of time and resources for athletics does not minimize the focus on spiritual, academic, or social programs.
  4. Students, parents, and coaches are educated and empowered to positively impact the community.
  5. Required training is completed by all coaches, paid or volunteer, at all levels (elementary and secondary) to ensure the academic, physical, and spiritual safety of students before they begin coaching of any sport.