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Resources for Administrators

Use these documents, forms, policies, tools, materials, and other resources for administrators.


School Safety

Professional Standards

Leadership Standards

Teacher Standards

Accreditation Instrument

Standards for Accreditation

Accreditation Forms For Schools

Continuous School Improvement Sample

Instructions for Progress Reports

Parent Questionnaire—English

Parent Questionnaire—Spanish

Sample Progress Report Form

School Accreditation Visit Extension Protocol

School Accreditation Status Visit Extension Form

School Profile Summary Report

Staff Info Template (Page 5)

Evaluation Forms For Visiting Committees

Chairperson’s Tip Sheets (#1-12)

Committee Roster Form 120

Committee Member Preference Request (9-12 Evaluation) Form 110

Committee Member Preference Request (K-12 Evaluation) Form 111

Sample Interim Visit Report Form

Sample Revisit Form

Sample Visiting Committee Report

Visiting Committee Handbook

Writing Tips for Comm Members

Other Accreditation Forms

Accreditation Status and Candidacy Status

Senior Academy Forms

Application - Senior Academy Status

Application - Substantial Change in Program

School-sponsored Trips

Out-Of-Division Trips Form

Out-Of-Division Trips Policy

Short-Term Mission Trips

Other Documents, Forms, and Letters

Encounter Access Training Fact Sheet

ABIDE A Spiritual Master Plan Guide for Seventh-day Adventist Schools

Academy Sustainability Profile and Health Visit

2016 Education Taskforce Final Report on Advancing Adventist Christian Education

Committee Expense Voucher

Higher Education Data Collection Form

Accounting Manual with Academy Supplement

Overview of Financial and School Management Software

Position on Accounting and School Management Software

Recommendations to Educators for Strengthening Adventist Education

Sample K-8 Constitution

Sample Nondiscrimination Statement

Policies & Guidelines for Reporting Child Abuse

Griggs International Academy

Services to North American Division Adventist Schools

Accredited Programs for Learning Environments (APLE) Packet

Philanthropic Service for Institutions

Services Provided for Adventist Education

PSI Success Stories Video

2019 Overview