We chose an Adventist school for our children because we wanted our children to be like their Adventist Teachers.

Teachers are Partners

Joseph Lowe
, Parents

Being greeted by the principal every morning gives a sense of family & caring. My sons are taught by teachers who see their individual needs, further, those needs are acted upon in a loving communicative way.

As parents, we know the teachers are true partners. The curriculum is academically sound, that is a must, but the way our teachers teach and administer the curriculum, that is priceless! True quality. Spiritually, the teachers see everything to be a teaching moment.&drquo; Our sons love God & due in part to our teachers. They know how important a relationship with God is!

Perfect Setting to Meet God

Hannah Myers
, Student

I have always loved my state university and was certain I would go there. But when it came time to make the final decision I felt that Adventist education would offer a stronger spiritual atmosphere—something that was important to me. Adventist education offers a first-rate education. And it challenges one to search deeper, try harder and love more. It offers the perfect setting in which to meet God.

Well Worth the Drive

Ayleen Almozara
, Parent

Although my child is only in Kindergarten, his interest to learn more about God is a blessing. My son raves about his teacher all the time and how much he loves going to school. As a parent, I know God has led my husband and me to TAA. I continue to be amazed of how much he's learning in such a short time. As parents, God has given us the responsibility to care for our children and ensure that we guide them to the right path in life. With that being said, I drive every day from Elizabeth City, NC to Chesapeake just so my child can experience a Christian education and the freedom to worship. In addition, after researching all the private schools in Chesapeake-Community rated TAA 5 stars! Also, TAA's tuition is considered the lowest compared to other private schools in the Tidewater area! If you ask me, I give TAA an A+.